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What will Omni Capital Retail Finance require from my company in order to offer finance?

If you have one, you will need to tell us your Interim Permissions/authorised firm reference number as provided by the FCA.

I am a start-up business with no significant trading history can I apply?

Yes. We assess each business individually. You may make an application to Omni Capital Retail Finance, we have a specialist sales team where you will be able to explain your business requirements and your projected sales.

How do I Apply?

If you have one, you will need to tell us your Interim Permissions/authorised firm reference number as provided by the FCA.

How long does an application take?

In normal circumstance you can expect to be advised if your application has been successful within 48 business hours after your initial application. An application can take as little as little as 10 working days to complete including full installation and training providing all relevant documentation have been submitted and due diligence completed.

I have been rejected for a similar finance facility by one of your competitors previously, can I apply?

Yes. Omni Capital Retail Finance is not your average finance provider. In the past you may have been rejected for finance due to a lower then required turnover, not enough trading history or simply because the product you sell does not fit with other lenders existing portfolio. Omni Capital Retail Finance will consider all applications on their own merit.

What are the likely set-up costs?

Our partners Pay4Later have an initial set up fee of £495 to get you up and running on the platform. Providing you have a current Consumer Credit Licence (CCL) there are no hidden costs.

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes, there is a small monthly fee to use the platform, depending on what level of integration will change the monthly cost.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of finance I can write in any period of time?

You can do as much or as little business on finance per month with no penalties or fees.

What are the lending criteria for customers?

Your customers must be 18 or over & must be a permanent UK resident for the last 3 years.

Will all my customers be accepted for finance?

Omni Capital is a responsible lender and as such will assess the credit worthiness of applicants prior to lending. A decision is generally made instantly and your customer will be informed if they have been successful. Omni Capital is committed to working with its retailers in order to maximise the acceptance rates of their applicants.

Does the customer need ID when they apply?

Generally Omni Capital is able to validate the identification of an applicant without the requirement for additional identification. There may be some situations where further documentation is required. This can be provided online and there is no requirement for paper documentation.

Do you have point of sale material?

Yes, we can provide you with various marketing collateral which will help to sell finance to your customers and inform them as to its availability.

Is there any training & support?

There is training provided for each installation you take and there is a support line open 7 days a week for any technical queries.

I am a non UK based retailer can I apply?

Unfortunately not at this moment in time. Omni Capital only accepts application from UK based businesses.

How long does it take me to get paid after I make a sale?

You will be paid by BACS transfer the next business day after the goods have been received by your customer.

How does my customer make payments for their goods?

Your Customers will repay Omni Capital in equal monthly instalments for the amount as stated on their Credit Agreement.

What if my customer doesn’t pay you on time?

Your customer will be contacted by a member of Omni Capital’s customer service department in order to arrange a suitable repayment plan. If this situation arises it will have no bearing on the relationship between you and Omni Capital.

How does an interest bearing product work?

We offer a range of payment terms for Interest Bearing credit on purchases priced between £250 and £15,000.

Dependant on the rate of APR used a subsidy or a commission can be applied to Interest Bearing Credit.

How does an Interest Free product work?

We offer a range of payment terms for Interest Free Credit on purchases between £300 and £15,000.

A subsidy will be charged for offering this type of finance product.

What is a Retailer Operating Agreement?

A Retailer Operating Agreement is the contract held between you (the retailer) and Omni Capital Retail Finance. This document is signed prior to being set up with a credit facility and outlines the terms and conditions of our partnership and how both parties are expected to operate.

Why do you require my Company Accounts?

Our credit committee will need to see a most recent set of a retailers company accounts to help us carry out our due diligence checks prior to accepting a retailer.

I’m not sure what finance to offer?

Our sales team at Omni Capital can provide more information on all our products and help advise which ones may be suitable for your business based on our wealth of experience within each retail sector. Once approved you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you to develop a suite of products tailored to your customers.

Are you a Broker?

No, Omni Capital Retail Finance is an independently funded lender offering finance directly to domestic customers of our retailers for their goods and services.