We work with retailers in many sectors including home improvements, training and healthcare. If you purchase goods or services from a retailer we are affiliated with, you will be given the option to apply for a Credit Agreement as payment, subject to your financial circumstances, and terms of the product being suitable for you. The retailer will help you with your application and ensure you have all the information you need to ensure that a Credit Agreement is the right option for you. You should ensure that you fully understand your credit agreement before completing your application.

Customers can settle their loans early by requesting a settlement figure. You can do this by calling or emailing our customer services team, or through our customer self-service portal here. If you would like to know how we calculate the early settlement figure, please click here for more information.

Where applications are not accepted, it is because the application did not meet our current lending criteria. There are many factors that we consider to determine whether to provide you with credit, including information from Credit Reference Agencies.

While we are unable to explain in detail why your application was not accepted or specific results from our credit searches, you can find out more information on your credit score through credit agencies such as Noddle or Clear Score.

We allow applicants to apply again after 30 days.

Your retailer should be able to guide you through the process of completing your application and answer any questions about the product or service. If you are having problems completing the application, please see our 'application guide'. All information you submit will be used in our decision to provide you with credit and all information entered should be accurate and correct to the best of your belief. Information found to be incorrect could affect your chances of obtaining future credit.

The easiest way to pay your monthly instalments is by Direct Debit, which is set up as part of the application. If you would like to make any changes to your direct debit, please call our Customer Services team on 0333 240 8317 and they will be happy to help you.

We can change your payment date but to do this we may require you to make an additional payment in order for us to facilitate this change. This is to ensure that the total amount repayable under the loan agreement is repaid within the time-period specified on your credit agreement. If you would like to change your payment date, please call our Customer Services Team on 0333 240 8317 and they will be happy to talk you through the process.

Yes they can. There are two ways that someone else can make payments on your behalf:
1) Via our automated payment service, by calling 0333 240 8317. They will need your account number to make the payment.
2) Speaking to one of our Customer Services Team advisers on 0333 240 8317. The person making the payment will be asked to provide information about your account to ensure that we can validate who they are and take the payment.
Please be assured that we will not provide any account information to a third party without the account holder's consent.

The agreement you signed clearly defined the payment amount you are expected to make each month. The term of the loan and the amount of credit you have received has been deemed manageable for you, using the information you provided us at the application stage. We are therefore normally unable to reduce the amount of your monthly payments. However, if you would like to make additional payments, or pay your account off in full you can do so at any time by calling 0333 240 8317. You can also make additional payments through our automated payment service by calling 0333 240 8317.

You have 14 days from the date your agreement is signed in which you are able to cancel your agreement with Omni Capital Retail Finance. Please note that the retailer may have separate terms for the product or service that you have purchased and if you wish to cancel in these instances, Omni Capital Retail Finance is not able to make a decision on behalf of the retailer.

If you signed your agreement more than 14 days ago, we will not be able to cancel your loan without agreement from the retailer and any cancellation request should be submitted to them in the first instance.

We have an automated valuation service. Please call us on 0333 240 8317 to obtain a balance. Please note the balance provided is the current balance of the loan and is not the amount due if you wish to settle your loan early. To obtain a settlement figure please call us on 0333 240 8317 and speak to one of our advisers.

There is a charge for missed or late payments so you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss your payment plan. If you are having difficulty in paying, please do call us. We can talk you through your options and discuss your concerns. Continuing to miss payments could affect your credit rating and your ability to obtain credit.

We are obligated to send out Notice of Default when 2 payments have been missed. Once a default has been applied, we are obliged to inform Credit Reference Agencies, and it will affect your credit rating and your ability to obtain credit. There is a charge for missed or late payments so if you are having difficulty making your payments please do call us so we can discuss your options. Free debt advice is available to anyone who is concerned about debt, visit for more information.

We understand that financial circumstances do change, and if you find yourself unable to meet your payments, please do contact us to discuss your options. Our team of trained collection advisers are here to help you. Whilst we are unable to provide you with financial advice, we are here to support you and provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about managing your debt. Free debt advice is available to anyone who is concerned about debt, visit for more information.

Applications for credit are submitted by customers online through the retailer’s website or in store with the retailer in person. These agreements are signed electronically through a tick box and do not require a ‘wet’ signature. It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions before signing this contract and entering into an agreement with us as a finance provider. After signing we will then email you a copy of your Credit Agreement with the terms of repayment. If you have no knowledge of this contract, please call us on 0333 240 8317 so that we can investigate further.

If you are a customer with an application or loan agreement with us, you can contact us on either 0333 240 8317 or at If you are a retailer then you can get in touch with us at 0333 240 8318 or at

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